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Museum Time – Art of Affandi

Published October 25, 2012 by thejewelholic

Gx ada kerjaan dan perpikir “mau kemana hari ini?”, inilah awal dari berakhirnya gw dan kakak gw di Museum Affandi. Museum Affandi memamerkan seluruh karya sang maestro seni lukis Indonesia, Affandi, selama beliau aktif sebagai pelukis. Tidak hanya hasil karya beliau, lukisan-lukisan istri dan anak beliau pun juga dapat dinikmati di museum ini.

5 tahun di Yogyakarta baru kali ini gw menjejakkan kaki di museum ini.LOL

It’s me ^.^ v

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Mocca – I Remember

Published July 23, 2012 by thejewelholic

B’coz I miss my old dormmates so bad tonight. So here’s the song that suit my feeling now. It’s “I Remember” by Mocca.

Lyrics :

I remember…The way you glanced at me, yes I remember
I remember…When we caught a shooting star, yes I remember
I remember.. All the things that we shared, and the promise we made, just you and I
I remember.. All the laughter we shared, all the wishes we made, upon the roof at dawn

Do you remember..?
When we were dancing in the rain in that december
And I remember..When my father thought you were a burglar
I remember.. All the things that we shared, and the promise we made, just you and I
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The Awesomeness of Indonesia – 27 must-sees on this incredible planet (CNN Version); Borobudur at sunrise is number 1

Published July 18, 2012 by thejewelholic

Temples are OK, but they’re truly amazing when they tower out of a jungle cloaked in mist.

1. Borobudur at sunrise, Java, Indonesia

Watching the sun rise over the hundreds of stupas and Buddhas at Borobudur before the public descends in droves to disturb the peace is one of the world’s most rarefied experiences.

Guests staying within the village compound are allowed to enter this 9th century monument, hidden beneath volcanic ash for centuries, before opening time. Read the rest of this entry →

Garuda Muda – Congratz !!!

Published January 29, 2012 by thejewelholic

Gara2 ada berita soal WGM na Hyukkie and gara2 ada pertandingannya Satria Muda gw jadi lupa klo hari ini ada Final “HKFA International Youth Football Invitation Tournament 2012” antara INDONESIA vs SINGAPURA,,dan gw baru inget saat pertandingannya udah mw kelar,,huft *sigh* Tapi gx papa, soalnya hasil yg di dapat sama tim Garuda Muda adalah hasil yang terbaik. Yup yup,,Garuda Muda U-17 berhasil jadi JUARA !!!! Congratulations for Garuda Muda !!! Banzaiiiiiii,,Banzaiiii 😀

Tim Garuda Muda U17

Berhubung bertandingannya dilangsungkan di Hong Kong and tim U-17 gx tenar2 amat jadi gx ada siaran langsungnya, and gx ada livestream-nya juga 😦 untung ada Matias Ibo oppa, hahaha,,aneh banget manggil Matias Ibo pake oppa, ok scratch that, untung ada Bang Matias Ibo, sang fisioterapis timnas Indonesia yang ngasih live report lewat akut twitter-nya. So, lewat twitter-nya, Bang Ibo bilang klo INA menang 3-1 atas Singapura. Tim garuda muda musti kebobolan duluan di babak pertama sampe jeda turun minum. 1-0 buat singapura. Di babak kedua anak-anak Garuda Muda mulai panas (agak beda ama seniornya yaaahhh,,tim senior biasanya panas di awal doank,,haha), dan akhirnya berhasil menyamai kedudukan atas gol dari Zabek. “MENIT 55. GGGOOOAAALL Indonesia. Zabek…!! Tendangan keras dari luar kotak penalti dengan cantik merobek gawang singapura..begitu yang ditulis oleh Bang Ibo untuk mengekspresikan gol pertama INA. Read the rest of this entry →

The Awesomeness of Indonesia – Kawah Ijen (Ijen Crater)

Published December 21, 2011 by thejewelholic

This time I will introduce one of  the gorgeous place in my country. KAWAH IJEN (Ijen Crater).  Located in Ijen Volcano, Bondowoso (and Banyuwangi), East Java, which has a one-kilometer-wide turquoise-colored acid crater lake. The active crater has an equivalent radius of 361 meters, a surface of 41 × 106 square meters. It is 200 meters deep and has a volume of 36 × 106 cubic meters. It’s the largest crater lake in Java Island.

Source :

Last year, me and my friends (Weqy, Ayu n Angga) go on trip to this beautiful crater. We start our trip from Yogyakarta to Jember by train. And just for your information, we did a backpacker trip here. So the train cost is just IDR 33.000. We spent about 12 hours in train, me and my friends like “what?? 12 hours?? what should we do for killing the time??”. So, guess what we did?? we sleep, eat, sleep, aet, sleep again, eat again, do some games and sleep again,,hahaha 😀

After 12 hours in train, we arrived in Stasiun Jember. Then we went to Bondowoso by car. It takes one hours to go there. Oh btw, if you want to go to Ijen crater, u better rent a car from bondowoso, ‘coz there’s no public transportation to the place. Fortunately, one of us comes from Bondowoso. So right after we received my friend’s house (Angga’s house) in Bondowoso, we take our time to rest for a night there. Read the rest of this entry →

The Musical of Laskar Pelangi (Rainbow Warrior)

Published December 17, 2011 by thejewelholic

Some years ago, maybe like 3 or 4 years ago (I forget the exact year, I’m sorry), there’s a novel from Indonesia that capture so many attention. That novel is LASKAR PELANGI (Rainbow Warrior).

The story is focused on the life in Timah – Belitong, an island in Indonesia. IKAL, the main character that represents Andrea Hirata, the novel’s writer himself. His poor family condition doesn’t keep his father to give IKAL a proper education. IKAL was sent to the village school that far from the standard of education. The school only has 10 students. But fortunately, in this school, IKAL learned many important things in his life. More than learning how to read, count or even being a champion. With all member of Laskar Pelangi (Rainbow Warriors) : MAHAR (an exentric artist), LINTANG (the genius one), TRAPANI (a mother complex), SAMSON (the bulk), SAHARA (the only girl), KUCAI (talkative), HARUN (who always trapped in his childhood life), SYAHDAN (the loser), and A KIONG (brother of IKAL’s first love), he lived his school life that full of surprised. Defeating another school in carnival contest, debating a professor in debate contest, until searching for FLO, child from the rich family, who finally join in Rainbow Warrior’s school. They did a lot of craziness, almost everyday. Even crossing the sea to find a shaman loved by MAHAR and FLO. But everything has an end. Economic condition became main forces that separated them. This novel is a great reading for those who searching for the meaning of life itself.

See how successful the novel, comes the idea to make it into a movie. As expected, the film is the highest grossing in Indonesian box office history and won a number of local and international awards. So, last year, after big success of the novel and the film, Laskar Pelangi (Rainbow Warrior) comes with the new look. Here’s THE MUSICAL OF LASKAR PELANGI.
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