He’s Coming !!!

Published October 16, 2012 by thejewelholic

SUNGHA JUNG is coming to Indonesia~~!!!!

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~ *Fangirling*

So, sejak sekitar sebulan yang lalu gw galau tingkat dewa gara-gara Sungha bakal dateng ke Indonesia bulan depan and bakal ngegelar konser DUA kali di sini. 16 november di Jakarta n 18 november di Bandung. But I can’t attending the concerts 😦 My dad will kill me if I attending one more concert in this year. Even though I use my own money to purchase the ticket but still….Moreover I need to save my money for Super Show 5 (walaupun belom tau tu konser bakal di adain kapan?!RLAB)

The conclusion is, Goodbye Sungha. Sorry noona can’t attending ur concert here. Noona promise that we’ll meet someday. λ‚  κΈ°λ‹€λ € T_T *sobs*

If you have no idea about who Sungha Jung is, he is MY FAVOTIRE professional acoustic finger-style guitarist. He’s a Korean and he’s way younger than me, born September 2, 1996. *No, I’m not pedophile. It’s purely about his skill*

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