The Awesomeness of Indonesia – 27 must-sees on this incredible planet (CNN Version); Borobudur at sunrise is number 1

Published July 18, 2012 by thejewelholic

Temples are OK, but they’re truly amazing when they tower out of a jungle cloaked in mist.

1. Borobudur at sunrise, Java, Indonesia

Watching the sun rise over the hundreds of stupas and Buddhas at Borobudur before the public descends in droves to disturb the peace is one of the world’s most rarefied experiences.

Guests staying within the village compound are allowed to enter this 9th century monument, hidden beneath volcanic ash for centuries, before opening time.

2. Starling murmuration, Brighton Pier, England

3. Northern Lights, Scandinavia

4. The great migration, East Africa

5. Star-filled sky, Mackenzie Basin, New Zealand

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