My-Wish-To-Be-Husband’s Birthday

Published April 3, 2012 by thejewelholic

Today is My-Wish-To-Be-Husband’s Birthday πŸ˜€

Happy 27th Birthday LEE HYUKJAE Oppa ^0^ Stay healthy and always be happy please. ELF will always love u, we will always be by your side, especially ME. :))))))))

I wish u can meet your ‘ideal girl’ this year (and I wish it will be ME) <—— I’m dreaming. Well It’s my right to have a dream ^^

I wish u will choose Donghae oppa instead of searching for a pretty girl <—— I’m dreaming again. Whatever, it’s my wish. Let me say whatever I want. LOL πŸ˜€ *Eunhae Shipper here*

I wish u will stay in Super Junior until the end of time.

I wish u have a great furtune.

I wish u will create more beautiful song.

Keep stay away from alcohol like u always do ^_^

Please don’t act if you have to kiss a girl *I will always support u in whatever u do. I just can’t watch the kissing scene.Ok? hehe*

Have fun on your 27th Birthday in Paris :p

~Love u, God Bless~


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