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My SS4INA Voucher

Published April 13, 2012 by thejewelholic

Finally I got my Super Show 4 Indonesia Voucher ^0^

This voucher is exchangeable with the real ticket.


My-Wish-To-Be-Husband’s Birthday

Published April 3, 2012 by thejewelholic

Today is My-Wish-To-Be-Husband’s Birthday 😀

Happy 27th Birthday LEE HYUKJAE Oppa ^0^ Stay healthy and always be happy please. ELF will always love u, we will always be by your side, especially ME. :))))))))

I wish u can meet your ‘ideal girl’ this year (and I wish it will be ME) <—— I’m dreaming. Well It’s my right to have a dream ^^

I wish u will choose Donghae oppa instead of searching for a pretty girl <—— I’m dreaming again. Whatever, it’s my wish. Let me say whatever I want. LOL 😀 *Eunhae Shipper here*

I wish u will stay in Super Junior until the end of time.

I wish u have a great furtune.

I wish u will create more beautiful song.

Keep stay away from alcohol like u always do ^_^

Please don’t act if you have to kiss a girl *I will always support u in whatever u do. I just can’t watch the kissing scene.Ok? hehe*

Have fun on your 27th Birthday in Paris :p

~Love u, God Bless~


Published April 3, 2012 by thejewelholic

Gw sudah menetapkan hati untuk nonton ss4ina 2012 dan ambil tiket yang Junior VIP I/J. Nah yang jadi masalah sekarang, klo itu tiket abis trus gw musti pilih tiket yg mana donk???mau yg super box atau super fast, tapi gw gx kuat standing, lagi pula gw pasti kalah tinggi,,bisa tenggelam d lautan manusia gw, yang ada bukannya nonton 9 superman ntar gw malah nonton punggung orang-orang. Mau yang Super VIP tix, tapi duit na udah kepake buat beli tiket nonton Vidi Aldiano + Afgan tengah bulan nanti. Arrgggghhhh,,Galau,,gimana ini gimana?????!!!!! @.@