Happy Birthday Daddy

Published January 15, 2012 by thejewelholic
Hi Dad,
It’s me again, your little girl.
How are you?  Aish, I never asked this question before so it’s kinda weird right? hehe.
So let’s talk like always…
Daddyyyyyyyy,,,where are u? what are u doing?
oh you’re home?
where’s mom?
she was chatting with neighbors?
well, it’s ok,,I want to talk to you anyway,,
Daddy,,,Happy Birthday,,,
you’re old,,haha,,
what? I’m late?
No I’m not,,it’s still the day,,
what? I should call you early in the morning?
well, it’s just 11am and it’s sunday, so I just woke up,,hahaha,,
by the way dad, what gifts you want??
oh come on dad, say it,,
really nothing??
what did you say daddy?? all my money was from you??
oh ok,,that’s true,,hahaha,,
what? you want me to pray??
Ok dad, I’ll just pray for you,,
I wish you always healthy,,
I wish you always be blessed by god,,
I wish your fortune goes well
because I really love you daddy
so I wish you’ll stop smoking 🙂

Yup yup yup,,yesterday was my dad’s birthday,,
So I called him and shouted “BAPAAAAAAAK,,MET ULANG TAHUN”,,yes I SHOUTED,,haha 😀
you know,,My dad is a funny guy,,he really is,,he always answered my question with a joke. Some of our conversations are like :
Me : Daddy, the cat was so noisy
Dad : Put the sign in front of the cage “banned noisy”
Me : @.@
Me : Dad, I’ll go home tomorrow. You want me to bring/buy something? Cake? ‘Bakpia’? ‘lumpia’? ‘wingko’? souvenirs? or anthing?
Dad : Buy All, don’t like people who don’t have money
Me : huh??? *&^%$#@#$%^&*((*&^%$

or when I call him and he heard my friend’s voice, he will like :

Dad : are you playing squib??
Me : no, why?
Dad : I heard a noise
Me : YA !!! It’s my friend’s voice >,<

But he can be so caring ^^

Me : I’ll peel the mango for you
Dad : watch your fingers, the knife’s so sharp

or he always said,,

“don’t forget to eat,
don’t forget to call me or your mom
don’t sleep to late”

but there’s one thing that he ALWAYS said,,

“don’t SQUANDER my money” LOL 😀




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