KIMCHI 2011 Ticket Sales

Published April 19, 2011 by thejewelholic

17th April 2011, KIMCHI (Korean Idols Music Concert Hosted in Indonesia) 2011 Public Ticket Sales opened. The public ticket sales will be held in Blitz Megaplax, floor 8th, west mall, Grand Indonesia. It will be start at 10 am. By this event, Super Junior, the Korean Big BoyBand will come to Indonesia for the first time as the main artist. All this time, Indonesian ELF (Super Junior Fans) have to go to the other country to see or attending Super Junior show or concert. But now, Indonesian ELF have an opportunity to see the real Super Junior in Indonesia. Because of this reason, Indonesian ELF willing to queue at Blits Megaplax since 3am. They really excited to see their idol even maybe Super junior will singing only 4-5 songs. The ticket not sold out yet (this is weird coz my younger sister said that she didn’t get the ticket even she already queued since 7am) and many indonesian ELF keep mentioning the promoter (WProduction) on their twitter, facebook and their website to add more seat. So there will be the second period of ticket sales. The promoter will annouce about this soon.

The queue at Blitz Megaplax.

cr pict belongs to the owner

Because this is the first time Super Junior come to Indonesia, Indonesia ELF didn’t forget to express their gratitude to the promoter. Indonesian ELF, which is represented by one of fanbase (Indoelfsproject) give a nice yet touching message and a delicious fruit cake to the promoter.

Indonesian ELF’s message for the promoter.

Indonesian ELF’s fruit cake for the promoter.

cr pict belongs to @Indoelfsproject

Like the other events that always has a quiz, so is this event. there is a qiuz to compete for 8 free tickets(4 tickets of Tribun 1 and 4 tickets of Festival 2). This quiz not presented by the promoter but by detikhot on twitter. For join this quiz, you just have to fill this form and follow detikhot on twitter (@detikhot) for more information.

Due to the holding of second period of ticket sales, so this is list of KIMCHI 2011 ticket price :

VIP : IDR.2.500.000.,00 ~ Numbered seating.
Festival 1: IDR.2.000.000.,00 ~ Free standing.
Festival 2: IDR.1.500.000.,00 ~ Free standing.
Tribune 1: IDR.2.000.000,00 ~ Free seating.
Tribune 2: IDR.550.000,00 ~ Free seating.

Seating Plan

cr pict belongs to WProduction
Source : WProduction, detikhot, indoelfsproject on twitter.
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