Happy 26th Birthday Eunhyuk

Published April 8, 2011 by thejewelholic

Now, i want to write something about My Jewel Boy,,about his 26th bday,, *i know it’s a very late post,LOL*

Last Monday, 4th April ’11 is Super Junior Eunhyuk’s Birthday. For this time, he spend his birthday in Taiwan ’cause Super Junior M members still have to stay there until May due their promotion album. Although not in his country and so far away from his family, Eunhyuk still can spending his birthday with joyful even an amazing surprise from Taiwan ELF. Taiwan ELF, which is dominated with Anchovys (Anchovy is name of Eunhyuk’s fans), waiting infront of SJ-M dorm until midnight. They have a plan to make The Firework party for celebrate Eunhyuk’s birthday. So, when the clock show right at 12am, Taiwan ELF start to make the firework party. Right at that time, Eunhyuk with the other member of SJ-M go to their balcony to see what happen?? Saw so many ELFs there makes Eunhyuk can’t hide his happiness. He even cry when all the ELF start to singing Happy Birthday for him and ELF shouted “don’t cry”. From the balcony, he waved to the ELF and made a love sign. After firework party, SJM member brought the birthday cake for him and they start to have a cake war. ^_^

Hyuk made a love sign on the balcony of his dorm

Meanwhile, another ELF which is not in Taiwan, keeps mention Eunhyuk on his Twitter account. Most of them said “Happy Birthday oppa, wish you all the best”, “Saengil chukahamnida Eunhyuk oppa, wish you always healthy and happy”, “Happy Birthday my Anchovy, be happy this year, don’t forget to take a rest, ELF love you” or “Happy Birthday the danching machine, enjoy your birthday party”. Most ELFs keep stay all night long ’cause they are waiting for Eunhyuk’s twitter update. Many of them tweeting like “Eunhyuk oppa, please tweet something”, “Anchovy, i’m waiting for your twitter update” or ” i believe that you (Eunhyuk) will update your twitter soon”. However, Eunhyuk didn’t updating his twitter until morning. Around afternoon, Eunhyuk post some picts on his twitter. Three picts show he was enjoying the art at gallery and one pict of him self coverd by the birthday cake. And ELF start to mention him again “oppa, you just tweet now”, “Hyukie oppa, you look so happy on the pict, i happy to see it” and “oppa looks cute with the gummy smile”. That day #asiaanchovyday became the Trending Topic on Twitter. ^_^

Hyuk’s twitpict update

The last thing that i want to write is,,,HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY MY BELOVED JEWEL,,,Hope you always Happy and Healthy, Hope your shine more shining than a jewel this year, You are an Angel in my life, You are the one that makes me smile and makes me cry. Maybe i’m not an ELF from the beginning, but i will become an ELF ’till the end. I proud to be ELF, proud to be an Anchovy. I’m The Jewel Holic.

Cr photo : Onsaemiro and Eunhyuk on Twitter @AllRiseSilver
Source : Onsaemiro 정곡방
Shared and Posted : http://www.thejewelholic.wordpress.com

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