My Home Town

Published March 29, 2011 by thejewelholic

I’m an Indonesian. Originaly ^_^

21 years ago, i came to the earth. I was born in the city named Jakarta. In this post, i want to tell a little about my city, my home town =)

HI Circle, Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. It can be very beautiful but sometimes can be very cruel. This city is famous because the density. Jakarta is a crowded city. Traffic jam always happened, even floods every year. But you know what?? i love this city very much. i never thought to move to other city. Why i could fall in love with this city so much?? First, of course it’s because i was born in Jakarta. I spent my childhood here, all of my best friends lives here and i was educated in this city. Second, Jakarta have so many place to visit and u can find anything you want here. Music, teater, cinema, club, dining, cafe, restaurant (Indonesian food, western food, asia food), mall, sport center, healthy center, until museum. You can found anything you want here.

This city is never sleeps. 24 hours, you can go out and doing anything. Jakarta have a nasional monument. The resident call it with ‘Monas’ stand for ‘Monumen Nasional’.

Monas when the New Year Eve, Jakarta

Every New Year, most of Jakarta’s resident come to ‘Monas’ and celebrate the New Year eve there. Will be many traders at that time. Start from trumpet, baloon, soap bubble, food and many more.

Great Morning at Monas

If you come to ‘Monas’ in the morning, you can jogging with your family here. Do the picnic or go around monas with ‘Delman’ (Delman is a Horse-drawn carriege).


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Like what i said before, jakarta is never sleeps. From early morning ’til the late of night, Sparkling of Jakarta can make your life more living ^^. All the people just so friendly and nice. Beside ‘Monas’, Jakarta have so many place to visit. Like museum, teater, park, etc.

Museum Fatahillah, Jakarta

Museum Fatahillah is in west of Jakarta, this area called ‘Kota Tua’ the tourims region. Why this place called ‘Kota Tua’ or “the old city” in english?? it’s because in this place people can feeling the old face of Jakarta (Batavia, the old name of Jakarta). Here, there are so many building with old design, which is the Dutch colonial style. To get this place, we can use the public transportation like Taxi, TransJakarta or ‘Mikrolet’. Not only this museum, this place still have another museums. Museum Bank of Mandiri, Museum Wayang and Museum Ceramics. Beside all of that museum, in this place thare is a Historical Bridge. The name is ‘Jembatan Gantung’.

‘Jembatan Gantung’ or ‘Suspension Bridge’

At this place there is a famous cafe named ‘Cafe Batavia’. This is a clasic cafe concept with a cozy style. How to get this cafe?? easy, this cafe right in front of ‘Museum Fatahillah’, you just have to cross the street =) . But for me, this is a kind of expensive cafe.hehehe

Cafe Batavia, Jakarta

The other place that we can visit in Jakarta is ‘Dufan’ stand for Dunia Fantasi or Fantasy World in English. At this place we can dare ourself to get the most scary game. >,<

“Hysteria” one of the game in ‘Dufan’, Jakarta

What else?? Still in this capital city. Not only building that we can visit. In the North of Jakarta there is a nice beach that called ‘Pantai Ancol’ or ‘Ancol Beach’. We can see the beautiful sunset here, walking around with family or boy/girlfriend ^^. Ancol is not just a beach. There is a large aquarium named ‘Sea World’. At ‘Sea World’ we could observe animals living in special aquarium or special tanks, we may walk on escalator through glass tunnel to watch fish swimming around we. Some of interesting fish living there are sharks, stingray and other kind of fish living surround reef or deep sea. Should we like to see the fish in the tank, we may climb up at the top of the tank where we could observe the fish down in the tank. Sea World Indonesia is quite clean equipped with air conditioning, janitor, some CafΓ© where we could have a drink or having lunch with variety of menu.

Ancol Beach, Jakarta

Ancol Gate ^^

le bridge restaurant, Ancol

Sea World

Move to another place. Now we go to the east of Jakarta (My house is in the east of Jakarta too,,hehe). Here, we can visit Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII). This place is miniatur of Indonesia. We can see traditional house from around Indonesia. Watch cinema in ‘Keong Emas’ or see many cute dolls in ‘Doll Palace’.

Tradisional House of West Sumatra in TMII

Keong Emas, TMII

Doll Palace, TMII

I still have one place to introduced. This place call ‘Kampung Betawi’. Located in Setubabakan, Jakarta. Betawi is the original culture of Jakarta. At Kampung Betawi we can see traditional house of Betawi, Traditional Dance Show or Traditional Martial Arts Show. And of course the typical doll from Jakarta called ‘Ondel-Ondel’ (since i was young, i always scared with Ondel-ondel >,<).

Gate of Kampung Betawi

The Traditional Dance

Ondel-Ondel Betawi

The last part, every place must be have their own typical food. So is this city. Jakarta have some typical food such as…

Gado-Gado Jakarta

Kerak Telor

Soto Betawi

That’s why i really love My Home Town ^_^

PS : Sorry for my broken english


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  • There’s NO broken English. Simple, but it’s ok by me since you write a real good description about your home town. And i love the pics’ that you’ve shown. I wish i could promote my home town *sigh*

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