Zhou mi Profile

Published March 28, 2011 by thejewelholic

Birth name: Zhou Mi
Birthday: 19th April 1986
Height: 184cm(6’2)
Religion: Unknown
Nickname: Siwon (he look alike with Siwon), Gentleman Mimi (poking fun of Lady Gaga)
Nationality: Chinese (ethnicity- Han)

Weibo : www.t.sina.com.cn/sjmzhoumi

2002 The 2nd MTV 潘婷新声赛 competition – won champion for Beijing area & and champion of China
2003 Shanghai-Asia Music Festival Newcomer Competition – won first place for Beijing area & newcomer award for China
2004 Spokesman for 文曲星
2005 MTV-Music Nation Competition – won first place
2005 The 3rd MTV- 三星校园新空气歌唱大赛 Song Competition – won second runner up for Guangdong area & China idol singer award
2005 匡威校际 Music Festival – won first place
2005 Warner Music Competition – won first place
2005 Won first place for MTV Newcomer Guangdong area
2005 Performing guest for Leehom Wang’s Beijing concert
2006 CCTV Hosting Competition – first place for Guangzhou area, 16th place in China (because he dropped out since he signed the contract with SM I guess?)
2008 – Host for Zhang Li Yin’s album press conference (1st appearance after signing with SM)

Other Show Participation
Beijing TV – 绝对现场
MTV Global Music Channel – 天籁村
Hunan TV – 快乐大本营
Model for NEWAY Magazine

*He’s so gorgeous,, >,<


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