Fan account SS3 Malaysia part 2

Published March 27, 2011 by thejewelholic

i don’t really remember what song they sang after Henry’s solo,,

so i just will write this note randomly,,hehehe,,

as i remember,,when SJT sang their song “Tok!Tok!Tok!”, Eunhae couple start they fanservice again. This time Eunhyuk kiessd Hae’s hand and ofcourse ELFs goes “aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”,,,after Eunhae, Hyuk try to play with Sungmin oppa, when sungmin have to singing his part, Hyuk try to pull Min’s tie, at that time Min’s make a gesture to stop Hyuk but The jewel become an Evil now, so Hyuk didn’t care if Min’s will get hurt or not, He just pull Min’s tie and Min get cough,,hehehe,, When the song almost ended, Shindong oppa shout “I love u” and Donghae went “I love u too” and Chullie screaming “I love u my baby”,,hehehe,,and i shout “I love u oppadeul” but ofc no one hear me, it’s too noisy there,, ^_^

Time to Zhou mi to rock the stage. He was fabulous that night. His voice and everything, he should get more part in SJM, or is he have a solo song in SJM?? He should have that,,hehehe,, *almost become Zhou mi bias, hahaha*

Then, The Dancing Machine time. Yup, yup,,Lee Hyukjae is in the house. The first part is the dancing part. He wear a hood to cover his face. After the dance part, he comeback from backstage with his black suit and black sunglasses. He just soooooooooo gorgeous,, >,< At this time i really lose my voice. Screaming along the song. As Anchovy’s bias, i keep shout “Aaaahhhhhh OPPA I LOVE U” and keep singing although i can’t here my own voice. “Baby Don’t worry. u’r my only. u won’t be lonely. Even if the sky is falling down”..Like i said, as an Anchovy’s bias, this part is my climax,,wkwkwkwkwk..

When they sang “cooking2”. OMG..Teuk really close with me, but i still cant reach him, coz all ELF in my area become crazy that time.hehehehe,,He wear the onion costume. He so cute. He doing “cooking2” dance part (u must be know what dance it is) in front of me, i mean in front of ELFs, but he just 1 meter apart from me, so how could i’m not feel that he dance just for me???hahahahhaha,,if everybody said that Umin is the cutest member, i would say that the cutest member is Leeteuk,, Go leader Go,,hehehe,.

During this song, there’s Kyuhyuk moment too (i almost missed this moment b’coz of Leeteuk). Kyu bullied by Hyuk first, but the revenge always more crule,,hehehe,,Hyuk just annoy Kyu lil’bit with pinch Kyu’s ear and what Kyu doing??He Kick his Hyung until Hyuk fall and can’t stand by him self. He keep trying to stand, struggling and struggling. He’s so cute. Te mushrooms can’t standing. U can’t hold ur laugh if u saw this moment..hahaha. finally Kyu help Hyuk to stand, holding hand and walk together. Kyuhyuk so sweet (Minnie and Hae have to worry,,hehehe). When the song almost ended, yesung is the first one that success to take off his costume. But he didn’t help the other member. He bullying them. He Push Hyuk and Teuk. Thx god there’s Shindong oppa that hold Hyuk so he didn’t fell down again, but teukie just so poor. He fell with his leg up. And the funniest thing is, Teuk didn;t know who’s the one that pushing him.hahahaha

When they sang “way for love”, Kyuhyun standing in the same place with Teuk standing before.. He bring some balls in a basket and he bring a markers too. If he didn’t have a part to sing, he give his sign on the balls and throw that balls to the ELF. i almost got the balls, the orange one, i already grab it until there’s an ELF hitting my hand so i just let go the ball T_T i know all ELFs want that ball,,^^ Kyu standing thare with his bright smile. B’coz of this, i can’t pay attention to the other members. He’s so evil right???hehehe,,i just can saw wookie that right behind Kyu, he throw the balls to the ELFs too, but i’m not sure that he bring a markers,,

credit note : Vidi

credit image : mita (EVILVSAEGYO.tumblr)


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