Fan account SS3 Malaysia part 1

Published March 27, 2011 by thejewelholic

This is one of the memoreble moment in my whole life,,

i’m an Indonesian, 2 days ago, 19 march 2011, i attended the Super Show 3 in Malaysia. my seat is in Terrace seat, L14 row D seat 8. The gate open around 4.30pm,it’s kindda late actually. After that all of ELF come inside the stadium,,,

let’s move to the Show part,, ^^

the show started at 6pm. Coz this is my first time to attending the Super Show so i’m lil’bit nervous. i don’t know why?! i even didn’t realize when Donghae flying on the center of the stage with the green ligth. Then the ‘sorry sorry’ was started. All the member wearing the white suit, they really like 10 angels come to the earth ^_^

During ‘sorry sorry’ song i just can scream louder and louder. Honestly i can’t think strightly at that time. i just can scream coz i can’t believe that finally i saw them for real.

After ‘sorry sorry’ they sang ‘Super girl’, but i can’t see Hyuk and Heenim that time,i think they not on stage,, Zhau mi and Henry so adoreble,,i sing along with them,no no,all ELF sing along with them >0<

Then they sang ‘don’t don’,for this song i really have to say i like ‘don’t don’ in SS2 more,,but this ‘Don’t don’ was so awesome too,,Heenim with drum just so cool, Jung mo so handsome, Zhau mi so great like always and the baby Henry with his violin,,OMG..and all the other member with their firework,,that’s really,,huaaaaaaaaa,,all the ELF screaming at the same time, i’m can’t even hear my own voice,, ^^
















Then the VCR for no other, umin n teuk just so cute at this VCR,,hehehe

for ‘No other’, honestly i’m not really remember, they spellbinding me so i can’t remember what happend. i just remember that teuk n min flying with the blue balloons,,hehehe

Actually there’s Eunhae moment at the first part of the show, but i’m not sure when is it?! i think that’s during no other (sorry if i’m wrong). During that song, Hae was singing his part and try to find Hyuk, right when Hyuk want to give his hand to Hae and Hae want to reach his “boyfriend”‘s hand, Yesung come and hug Hyukie, so Hyuk can’t touch Hae, and Hae just like ‘Hyung what r u doing??He’s my man, i want to hold his hand’, but ofc he didn’t say it, he hv to sing,haha

After ‘No Other’ song, they sang ‘Good Person’. Seriously, i’m to confuse to watch the show. So many of them,all of member just too awesome. My SJ so Daebak.i can’t remember what happend at this song. Mian *bow*

Then they continue with ‘Rokkugo’. There’s a funny moment with SJT. During this song Teuk and Min come to the front of stage and they prone there. when Hyuk saw this, He’s come and do the same thing. Honestly, Hyuk n Min sooooooooooooo CUTE. But suddenly Sindong coming and lay down his body on Hyuk’s, Min’s and Teuk’s back. for a moment they enjoying that, but when Heenim come and lay down too on Shindong’s back, Hyuk, Min and teuk start to feel the pain. Teuk try to escape from that situation while Minnie start to bite his lips to hold the pain and Hyuk start to punch the stage.

The concert continued with Ryeowook’s solo (with umin on guitar), he sang ‘one fine sping day’ chiness version. His voice just so awesome and Min so cute and daebak with his guitar. a long the song i keep lift a small benner that labeled “Ryeowook, u’r the best singer”.

after Wook’s solo is time for Kyu’s solo,,but again,,jongmal mianhae,,i can’t remember anything for Kyu solo,,his voice so angelic, makes me not realize anything,,hahaha..Then Eunhae’s solo,they sing ‘I wanna love u’ Hyuk’s abs here (i wanna see hyuk’s abs >,<)

they doing great, except the girl dancer (sorry for that girl, didn’t mean to bash),,like on the other ss3, before Hae on stage, that girl dancer hv to doing her job,what is that?? Dancing,,which is the worst dance for me as Anchovy’s bias. She touch hyuk’s butt when they dancing. All the ELF was scream and so do i. T_T

after that Hae coming on stage and all his fans screaming like crazy (no wonder,,hehehe)

in Teuk’s solo, he played a piano. No word can define this moment. the leader so awesome. sure he can do everyting. ^^ He even give his flying kiss at the end of his solo.

I don’t really remember Siwon’s solo,,mian,,after that the baby Henry rocks the stage with his justin bieber’s song “Baby” (from now on,if i heard this song, i’ll remember how cute and adorable Henry singing this song). He start the song with the piano version, so ballad, so touching,,i die right after he stared the song,,He just sing “Yeaaahhh,,ouuhh,,wooohh,,baby baby baby owwwhhh,,i thought u always be mine,,ahhh” and i die,,ahahaha,,

the ballad part really makes me goosbumps, at the end of the ballad part he looks at the camera and give the audience his CUTEST smile and ofc everybody like “Arrrrrggggggghhhh”,,and i heard so many ELF screaming “cute” or “oppa,that’s cute” or “Henry gege wo ai ni” or “Kiyouuuuuu”,,everybody fall for Mochi.

when the RnB part begin, 2 boys dancer come on stage, bring Henry’s jacket and put that on him.Then ELFs sing baby baby RnB version a long with the baby mochi =D


credit not : Vidi

credit image : mita (EVILVSAEGYO.tumblr)


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