s4 [SuperStar 4] – Indonesia New Boyband

Published October 25, 2012 by thejewelholic

Hell, satu-satunya boyband yang pernah gw tulis di blog ini cuma SJ dan sekarang gw bakal nulis tentang S4?! I’m not even write about EXO-M profile. What the….?! Nevermind, mari lanjut~!

S4 [SuperStar 4] is a new boyband from Indonesia. The members are Arthur Stefano Anapaku (Arthur), Alif Rizky (Alif), Jefri Haris Gurusinga (Jeje) and Firly Firlana (Firly). Since I just knew them and I don’t have time to search more about them so I still don’t know who’s the leader (I think it’s Firly)?! I don’t know who’s the visual of the group (but I think it’s between Arthur or Jeje). The only thing I know is Alif is the magnae (means he’s the youngest. Birth : November, 24 1993).

From left to right (Arthur -Great skin, Nice body. Sure he’ll get a lot of fans-, Alif -magnae’s supposed to be funny, adorable and slightly rebellious. Let say Alif is the real magnae-, Jeje and Firly)

They ended in a same group b’coz they’re the winner of one of Indonesia talent show, Galaxy Super Star, which collaborate with one of the Korean entertainment, YS Entertainment. So, after they’ve won, they spend 6 months of training in Korea.

S4 photo session at Gangnam, Seoul : Here

They will debut in Jakarta, Indonesia, on 30 October 2012 with their new song “She is my girl”

Here’s the teaser : Here

Song lyrics by G.Na

MV director : Hong Woon Ki (He’s the director of SNSD ‘The Boys’, Super Junior ‘Spy’, Beast ‘Shock’, f(x) ‘Electric Shock’. Sounds Promising) :)

I’ve never heard all of their voices before, but I ever heard Jeje’s and Firly’s voice and it’s good (note : I heard them singing a  ballad song, it was good b’coz they didn’t dance. Singing while dancing, that’s a different case). So, yeah, we’ll see ^_^

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